Sunday, February 24, 2013

What the Weekend Brought

So this was a GREAT weekend, even though it involved no basketball. I mean  We didn't even go to the gym, which is extremely unusual.  So what did we do?  Well, the "big kids", which I have been calling my two oldest daughters since the birth of my youngest, went to Winter Homecoming.  It was very exciting to see them get ready, see their excitement and hear the stories of their evening when they returned home.
The little kids and I went sledding.  I hadn't gone sledding yet this year.  It was the absolute perfect weekend for sledding.  It was wintry out, with a light snow and sort of mild out...almost actually warm.  We went to our friends' house and tested out their new front yard which has an awesome hill in it.  (You just have to be a little careful not to hit the trees on the way down, which wasn't too difficult.)  Then just before we went in we finished it off with a snow fight.  Snow fights are pretty much dumb.  The object is to get snow all over someone and totally freeze or drench them.  How do you know when the snow fight is done?  Well, when someone gets ticked off and screams, cries or gives up.  Well the kids teamed up on me and I got ticked off relatively quickly since my face and hat was packed with snow.  So in the house I headed for hot chocolate.  And what is the best kind of hot chocolate you ask?  Ahhhh, the kind someone else makes for you.  The hot chocolate and having it made for me where great treats.  And you may be thinking where is the picture of sledding?  Well, their is none.  No chance...I look awful in sledding attire.  Snowpants are just not flattering.  And lets just say I am not a hat person.  Maybe next time I will get a picture of the kids.  But you will definitely not see one of me.  You have a better chance seeing a picture of me in my swim suit.  (Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration....cuz there is no chance of that happening...ever!)
We also watched movies this weekend...ParaNorman and Battleship.  They were both pretty good.  I would, however, add Battleship on to my list of favorites...although I would put it down at the bottom.  The movie wasn't Oscar worthy but was a good time.  So currently my list of favorite movies would include:
Star Wars
Toy Story
Super 8
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer (probably the dumbest premise for a movie ever ...yet it was still pretty darn good.  I don't think I need to mention my fascination with Lincoln again, do I?)
Stand by Me
*And just as a disclaimer, although some of the movies appear on my favorites list, I have recently watched them again and thought, what the heck that was not so amazing.  I think a movie can make a mark on your life because it was amazing the first time you saw it or because you had such good company or memories when you saw it.  I recently re-watched ET and it was not as amazing as when I originally saw it in the theatre.  I can remember being mesmerized by that movie.  Unfortunately, like 30 years later I did not get that same feeling.  Bummer!

Ellen and I also went to the Fitness Center.  I am making an attempt to get buff.  I know it is a pipe dream, but at least I am trying.  And lastly, we broke out the Othello game.  Do you remember that game?  With the black and white disks that you flip over.  I taught everyone how to play and then they all whipped me.  I didn't win one darn game.  It appears I am a gifted!!!

So what did you and your family do this weekend?  What movies would appear on your favorites list?

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