Friday, December 14, 2012

Mischievious Elves on the Shelves

This year right around December 1st as usual Pedro, our elf showed up on the shelf in the living room.  Much to his dismay another elf had already arrived.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday my kids decided to put up our Christmas tree and haul out the decorations. (I used  to be a control freak about the holiday decorations and liked to do it all myself.  So that everything was just so.  Well, that has feeling has passed.  If anyone offers to haul out the decorations and put them up.  Well go for it.) After digging through the several boxes in the basement Hailey came up with what she thought we needed.  We had decided to go light this year.  So we would have less hassle and less to put away later.  In one of the boxes she found an old vintage elf, that I have had since I was a kid.  Hailey decided to free the little guy and bring him up stairs. (He is the one with green clothes in the pictures.)  After a few posts about the old green elf on facebook.  Someone commented that he was a cool "vintage" elf.  Shortly thereafter, Vinny, was named.
All was going well in those few days of bliss that Vinny was the only elf living at the Haas Weaver house.  Until December 1st, when Pedro, arrived.  I believe that Vinny was initially happy about the arrival of Pedro.  Heck he had a new friend to share the shelf with. But it is really hard to tell what Vinny was thinking...he is pretty quiet.  For that matter so is Pedro.  But we soon realized exactly how Pedro felt.  Every so often when we awoke we would find that Pedro had dome something devious to poor sweet Vinny.  I know....Pedro does not seem to have the Christmas spirit.  It seems as though he has thrown the whole "and good will to all" thing right out the window.
So every morning the kids and I wake up to see what evil thing Pedro has done to Vinny. Did I mention my kids are 18,16, 13, and 11 years old?  Some of the things are quite evil and not at all in the Christmas spirit. My teenagers have enjoyed the elves this year.  However, it is quite hard not to go and help poor Vinny.  But you can't touch the elves.  Geez everyone knows that rule...even tough we don't read the book anymore!
We are not to sure what will happen between Pedro and Vinny as the Christmas season goes on.  But

it has been a lot of fun watching their antics.  And just a little FYI... I did notice at Meijer's the other day, in their Christmas section where they have the bins of stocking stuffers, that they had elves. Just in case you have a house with teenagers and need to liven the elf on the shelf thing up a bit.  I almost even bought a few.  It was a little sad seeing them in the bin...all up side down...go every which way.  But then I put them back.  I really wanted to save them.  But then I realized...two elves is as much as one house can tolerate!

So what has your elf or elves been up to?  Share your elf stories and traditions with us!