Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eating Clean - Our Adventure Begins

I have kind of fallen off the healthy lifestyle wagon.  Actually the whole family has. Doritos and ice cream have become staple foods. So we have decided to get back to doing what is good for our bodies.  Basically we all feel lousy and lazy.  So it's time. We have done clean eating before and I typically try to always avoid packaged processed foods when shopping.  However, it is quite hard in the United States, to do this...everything everywhere is boxed and processed. One of the things our trip to France taught us was how bad we eat.  We don't take the time to enjoy all the wonderful, natural, unprocessed foods.  You can actually eat more when eat you clean. So I decided to do a day by day blog of just what we are doing and eating.  I am hoping to inspire myself and others to take the extra time to eat clean.
So here is day 1 -
  • Morning coffee with unsweetened almond milk and honey from our hives
  • Home made roasted chick peas with olive oil, sea salt, garlic and parmesan
  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt, with blueberries and honey....darn it I forgot the granola
  • Romaine salad with leftover roast chicken, parmesan and cucumber.  In the jar...that isn't actually caramel sauce... it's red wine vinegar, oil and a little garlic for dressing
I am struggling a bit on day one.  I couldn't find a bread machine to buy locally.  So I had to order one on amazon.  So no bread until it arrives on Wednesday or Thursday.  Then I hope to make whole wheat bread, croutons and pitas.  Also, this takes a lot of time and prep.  Thinking ahead and planning what to eat isn't my strong suit.  I am so not even sure what we will have for dinner tonight.  At the risk of being flogged...I am thinking something like a veggie lasagna with zucchini from my garden.  Maybe the kids won't notice we are having zucchini yet again if I hide it in a lasagna.  Wish me luck.

Dinner and snack for later -

  • Green tea and zucchini  quinoa lasagna.  My kids loved it!
  • Snack - I made a sort of check mix out of a box of Kashi cereal.  I added about 1/3 cup honey and some peanuts and baked in the oven at 350 until it was golden brown.  Then cooled and added pretzels, dark chocolate chips and dried cherries.  This too was a big hit with the kids.  
  • I made mango / blueberry sorbet.  I put 3 mangos, a large handful of blueberries, a dash of almond extract and about 1/8 cup of honey in the Bullet.  then I dumped it in an old ice cream container and froze.  it tasted very good before it was frozen.  Let's hope it is even better when we try it froze.