Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Day Ever

Gavin pitched his first Majors baseball game last night.  I must say that pitching is very stressful on the mother of the pitcher.  His first inning went great, but then a few wild pitches and I was a wreck.  What if he hit someone, walked a bunch of kids or got all nervous?  Well, that didn't happen.  He ended up getting the win for day and the coach gave him the game ball, which I think he slept with.  He also got like 3 hits and was hit by 2 different pitchers.  So he was on base 5 times.  One of the mom's over heard telling a buddy in the dug out that this was his best day ever.  REALLY?  I was stressed out and you got nailed pretty darn hard, TWICE, right in the butt cheek.  I find it amazing how kids forget the dumb bad stuff and just move on.  Actually he turned the bad thing into a kind of cool battle scar.  Unfortunately his battle scar is on his butt.  So his sisters are pretty much scarred for life after being shown it repeatedly.  I really hope he is over that because he is hanging out at girls' basketball camp today!  But seriously, I think we can really learn a lot from our kids.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Bad stuff doesn't last long (and maybe it'll leave a cool bruise you can show your friends), and be happy with your accomplishments.  Hmmm, I had been having a relatively crumby month at work...but seriously it seems a bit silly to dwell on it.  And something positive does always come out of a bad experience.  I guess I should be looking for the "bruise" that I can show everyone.  (Don't get me wrong...I love my job, just not some of the politics that comes along with it.)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I ponder.....

I just went to Rite-Aid yesterday at 5pm and bought a bottle of Vodka.  As I was paying for it I somehow felt guilty or bad.  It was weird.  Like there was something just plain wrong about buying vodka in the middle of the day.  I get a similar feeling when I buy myself a candy bar.  Hmmmm!  Why do you suppose I feel "bad" when I buy these things?  And its not the fun, I am such a rebel kinda bad.  I am a grown adult if I wanna suck down vodka and candy bars, in moderate amounts, I should be able to without feeling guilty...what the heck!

My puppy sometimes eats out of the cat box.  If she is in the garage too long by herself she is probably having a gross crunchy snack.   Somebody once told me it is because she is lacking something in her diet.  Like what would you be lacking in your diet that eating poop would fix?  That just doesn't make any sense.  And besides she eats puppy chow.  I thought that was a no brainer...pour puppy chow in the bowl and the dog eats and that's all they need.  Well, besides some water......and apparently a little cat poo.

I just planted onion sets in my garden.  I am a seasoned gardener but I must admit the onion thing confuses me.  If you plant an onion and get an do you get more onions? Because I know we eat them too.  So if it is a one to one ratio thing we should run out of onions world wide here pretty darn soon.  I will keep posted on what happens with this one as they grow this summer.

I understand shoes without socks.  Sometimes you just wanna be cool and a little more free feeling.  But socks without shoes...this I don't understand.  Gavin and Ellen do this all the time.  They will actually put on socks and then go outside.  Your socks get wet, crusty and dirty and feel gross.  Don't even get me started on how it ruins the socks for life and they can never be really clean agian.  But why wouldn't you just go out barefoot or slip on your shoes with no socks.  This would be way quicker and more comfortable either way.  I just don't understand putting on socks and then going outside.

I read in a woman's health magazine that women who run tend be skinny.  And I believe this.  You really don't see a fat runner very often.  Oh, you see fat walkers.  But this makes me wonder.  I run yet I am not skinny.  Hmmm! maybe I need to go faster, maybe I still fall in the walker range, or will at some point I just magical become skinny. Like if I run on average an 8 minute mile poof I am skinny. (If I knew exactly what speed I had to run to be skinny I would definitely do it.) Or maybe others can't actually see me when I run because I am definitely not skinny.  And you only see skinny runners because the fat ones are somehow hidden from the rest of the world because it is just too scary for us to handle. Hmmm!