Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Day Ever

Gavin pitched his first Majors baseball game last night.  I must say that pitching is very stressful on the mother of the pitcher.  His first inning went great, but then a few wild pitches and I was a wreck.  What if he hit someone, walked a bunch of kids or got all nervous?  Well, that didn't happen.  He ended up getting the win for day and the coach gave him the game ball, which I think he slept with.  He also got like 3 hits and was hit by 2 different pitchers.  So he was on base 5 times.  One of the mom's over heard telling a buddy in the dug out that this was his best day ever.  REALLY?  I was stressed out and you got nailed pretty darn hard, TWICE, right in the butt cheek.  I find it amazing how kids forget the dumb bad stuff and just move on.  Actually he turned the bad thing into a kind of cool battle scar.  Unfortunately his battle scar is on his butt.  So his sisters are pretty much scarred for life after being shown it repeatedly.  I really hope he is over that because he is hanging out at girls' basketball camp today!  But seriously, I think we can really learn a lot from our kids.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Bad stuff doesn't last long (and maybe it'll leave a cool bruise you can show your friends), and be happy with your accomplishments.  Hmmm, I had been having a relatively crumby month at work...but seriously it seems a bit silly to dwell on it.  And something positive does always come out of a bad experience.  I guess I should be looking for the "bruise" that I can show everyone.  (Don't get me wrong...I love my job, just not some of the politics that comes along with it.)

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