Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

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I am linking up with Jenny at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

Here are my Thoughts for this Thursday...
P.S.  I could never do this every Thursday....I don't have that many thoughts... or at least that many worth repeating.

  • My Dad just had heart surgery for a second time in 10 months.  He is walking around and had the surgery just two days ago.  How amazing is medical technology and God.  Both have really treated us well. (Insert a big round of applause for God here!)
  • I got a spider in my pants yesterday at work.  He crawled in there when I was in the bathroom at work.  I noticed him as I was pulling up my pants.  I work in a library so I couldn't just scream.  But I did take my pants off and shake them and shake them and shake them...but I never saw him again.  I was a bit disturbed.  If I was at home I would have never put those pants pant on again.  But I was at work...I was horrified but I am pretty certain that if I would have walked out of the bathroom into the  children's area without pants I would have lost my job and ended up on a national registry.
  • I have decided that becoming a minimalist is the only way to go.  Hey if you haven't used something in the last couple of months....get rid of it.  Everything you hoard save becomes your children's problem.
  • I can't wait for Spring.  My Garden is going to rock this year.  I am expanding and putting up permanent fencing and would like to add an arch and an entry way through an old wooden house door.  One problem....ahhh I need an old wooden door.... and unfortunately 3 bazillion other people prolly saw that garden door pinned on Pinterest too.  If you have an old door... I would be happy to take it off your hands.
  • I must admit... I dislike yarn.  I have a sweater on today and the yarn keeps touching me....ugh I can't wait to get home and change.  I am also not fond of yarn afghans...feels creepy. Yarn scarves are the worst...that yarn touching right around my neck...eew! Thank goodness for the invention of soft polar fleece.
  • What's up with Kinder Eggs?  Apparently there was a ban on them in the US but now its lifted.  Although they are still extremely hard to find and very expensive on the internet.  Seriously, couldn't we just sign a waiver before we buy them?  Like... I do solemnly swear not to choke on the small toy or allow my kids to choke on it.  I mean you can buy fireworks if you sign a waiver.  It seems like fireworks are slightly more dangerous.
  • I am not seeing much use for cats right now.  Long story.... but it has been a long cold winter and my heated garage has taken a hard hit.
  • It seems that I had forgotten from last year how laborious the college scholarship process is.  Here's a reason you shouldn't have back to back high school seniors. ( I should have foreseen this problem about 18 years ago.)  I am not even filling out the applications...but the constant questions, stress and whining.... oh I had forgotten all about you!
  • My aunt has never eaten a kiwi.  I find this quite odd.  I would have thought everyone has.  I will likely be force feeding her a kiwi in the very near future.  I will let you know how it goes.