Friday, July 12, 2013

July Phone Dump

Well here are the pictures that have been hanging out in my phone that I needed to do something with...I mean share!
I am always up for a dumb , quirky photo op. But after you take the picture be sure to get the pizza off the car roof before you head home or you will feel foolish when you have to head back in and order another Pizza Pizza after you just bought one (or is it two since its Pizza Pizza?)....just saying!  Thank you nice Little Caesar Manager for not charging us for our stupidity. Incidentally, I thought the manager was hot...but my kids assured me he was just old!  Sometimes I hate them!
This little guy joined us for our barbecue after our tubing trip down the river.  He did not like being woken up, showed his little teeth and hissed at me a bit while I took his picture.  And this Mr. Bat is why bats get a bad rep.
This guy and a bunch of his friends are hanging out in my garden.  I sent my friend a message asking her if she new what the heck he was.  I said he looked like a tiny little tortoise.  Then I Googled him and obviously others thought the same thing.  He is called a Tortoise beetle.

I made these with the local 6th grade class.  They are tie dyes using Sharpie markers.  Just color on the shirts, then spray with rubbing alcohol and watch the colors spread out.  The kids loved them...a definite crowd pleaser.  I got a whole pack of off brand permanent markers at Family Dollar for like $1.90.  Cheap and easy project!

This is just one of the many things I love about my kids... they are never in a hurry to grow up and always ready for fun!

And this is the easy cheesy watercolor spurt monsters we are making at the library next week.  Just put a puddle of liquid watercolor paint on some smooth paper and quickly puff air through a straw at it.  Then add faces, arms and legs.  We were going to make marbled paper....then we read the directions and tried it.....ahhhhh I think not.... way too hard!  No one needs to work that hard during the!

I am always snapping pictures of books I see at work that I wanna read.  This one, Detroit: An American Autopsy, sounds right up my alley.  I love non-fiction.  However, the dust jacket says it is a story of the decline of Detroit that has a humorous side.   Well, that sounds intriguing!

Well, this is the first time I linked up for the phone photo dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and it was fun.  Maybe you will see more phone photo dumps in the future.