Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday...

So What Wednesday

So my cousin's blog, Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, links up to this cool blog, Life After I Dew, and tells everyone all the dumb stuff she does.  It's Called "So What Wednesdays"  or something like that.  Hey I  do plenty of dumb stuff.  So I thought I better link up.

So here it goes.  SO WHAT IF....

  • ...I only write in my blog like once a month...ok .... maybe even less then that.
  • ...if I told my youngest daughter  I was really excited to go to her band performance and then when she asked me last night for details on when we were leaving etc.  I had no idea what she was talking about.
  • ...I make fun of all the stupid shows my teenagers watch and then catch myself deeply engrossed "Pretty Little Liars", "Glee", "The Following"etc.  I will not go on...too embarrassing.
  • ...if every night this week I set my alarm to get up early to go running and then slept in.
  • ...if I made nachos using pork rinds because they have zero carbs
  • ...if I never listen listen to voicemail messages and I just call back and say "Hey what did you want?"
  • ...if I stop at the grocery store every night on the way home from work because I can never make a commitment to a dinner in the morning because it is sooo far ahead of time.
  • ...I didn't eat any Easter candy during the actual holiday because I was dieting and now that it is 75% off I am just packing it away!

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  1. LOL! It tastes better when it's cheaper doesn't it???