Monday, February 11, 2013

Recent Ponderings

.....I was reading my cousin's blog, Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, and for some reason clicked on her link to my own blog.  Apparently I do not even know how old my own children are.  Child #4 is not 11.  Well not until April anyway.  At what point did I forget the ages of my own children?  I can remember people asking how old the baby is and would spot off..."6 months and 3 days".  What happened?  Now I can barely remember the correct number of years.

.....How come I always just want a little bit of time to relax?  Then when I actually get some of this elusive free time....I have no idea what to do with myself or I just fritter it away. I am afraid I suck at free time. 

.....Summer is coming again.  As the Florida Spring Break trip nears, my thoughts turn to swimsuits, once again.  UGH!  My least favorite thing to do on this earth is to shop for a swimsuit.  I did it last year with the kids help.  It was horrid.  They kept screaming at me to just come out of the dressing room and show them.  "It couldn't be that bad."  Ahhh... yeh... it was.  If I can't squeeze everything into the suit...let's just face it...there is no way I am opening the door.  And this may be silly but I have a size threshold.  There is a size in my head.  And I just won't buy anything bigger than that size.  It doesn't really matter that I may actually wear a bigger size, then the mental size threshold that I will not cross.  I bought a swim suit last year.  It works.  But seriously, I don't look great in it.  If anyone knows a place to buy a swimsuit that fits a tall person with a generous cup size please fill me in.  Oh, and here are a few other criteria I have - I am cheap (I won't spend a ton of money) and it can't look like some middle aged person or granny should be wearing it.  The size threshold and my shopping criteria have pretty much made swimsuit purchasing a personal hell.

.....People keep asking me if I am ever going to sell any of my honey from my bee hives.  Well, probably not because if I charged what I would have make a would cost about a zillion dollars.  Beekeeping for me is apparently a hobby, not a business.  Maybe someday I will be better at it.  Maybe not.  Until then the few limited jars of honey are gifts for family and friends.

.....Is it possible to house train a Yorkie who weighs less than 5lbs?  I am beginning to think not.  I would appreciate some cooperation here MAGGIE!

.....I recently did a liquid cleanse diet thingy.  It was very difficult not to eat solid food for 3 days.  And why do people think that you will spend 3 days in the bathroom with intestinal issues?  Folks its a liquid diet!  Your intestines are pretty much on vacation! (And p.s. if you liquefy a beet and add it to pretty much makes it completely unpalatable.  Just an FYI.)

.....I have started to punch a speed bag in hopes of firming up my "bat wing" arms.  I have finally got the coordination thing down and can hit the bag repeatedly pretty quickly.  OK buff arms....I am waiting.  Where are you?  Anytime now!

Well, that's what I have been pondering.  How about you?


  1. Love this post! And I am cracking up that you don't know how old G is!!!

    Check Land's End.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. Believe me the day will come when you have to stop and think to figure out hold WB and L are. Have a couple more cutie pies and it will be quicker than you think :0)

      And i actually got a catalog from Land's End and they have some cute not too old lady ish looking suits. If they could only magically give me abs... I would pay any price they asked.