Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just thinking...

  • So I was over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, reading my cousin's blog.  When I found that she has added some adult content.  Well.... really just some trashy subscription box reviews and some interesting discussion about the Bachelor, who is now claiming he is a sort of "born again" virgin.  Of course I had to immediately comment on her blog about this.  Then I realized there is a lot to say on this topic.  First, of all, the absolute obvious...ah that is one thing you definitely can't undo.  Once you have done IT....ahhhhh...you have done IT.  Isn't that the whole point?  You are a virgin until you are not one....then you are not anymore.  It's not like you are 6 years old and you whiffed the ball in baseball and shot out "do over".  Ah nope this is one thing then once you have done IT...it's done.  This topic recently came up on Grey's Anatomy.  One of the characters got all frisky, did it and then wished she hadn't.  And decided she want a "do-over".  So she told everyone she was re-virginating.  Ahhhh....I do believe this term / concept is one that slutty people have made up to make themselves feel good about themselves again. 
  • Don't you hate it when you text someone and it takes forever for them to respond?  And you are like what the heck... just reply already.  Then you realize you didn't hit the send button. 
  • Today I had a mind boggling experience while toilet paper shopping.  Yes, today was the kind of day where toilet paper could blow my mind.  Sad but true.  Whatever happened to a normal size roll of toilet paper?  You know the size when you were a kid?  Like you went to the store and bought toilet paper.  The roll was just normal size and your only choice was how many to get.  Now the regular size roll seems wimpy and tiny.  (Did they just look bigger years ago because I was a little kid?  I don't think so. Something happened to the standard size roll....it has shrunk.)  Now there are regular rolls, Mega rolls, double rolls and triple rolls.  And each is a different multiple of the standard roll or the double roll.  And of course each brand calls their large size something different and also sells different pack size, making it virtually impossible to compare prices.  Ugh!  I have no idea what is the cheapest or the best bargain.  I think the USDA or the FDA needs to step in and regulate this!
  • I am a bit of a history / biography buff.  I watched "Killing Lincoln" on the National Geographic Channel the other day.  Everyone was telling me how the "Killing Lincoln" book had so much new information they hadn't heard before.  So I was guessing that the TV show with the same name would be all new and interesting.  That would be a big fat NOT!  Turns out same guy still killed him, he was part of same conspiracy, he was shot dead 12 days later and they still hung everyone else involved. Yep, same old news! (OMG!  I forgot to put in a spolier alert.  Sorry, if you had that dvr-ed!) I am not sure what I was expecting.  It was still interesting.  Even though it was nothing new.  And yup if it comes on again and there isn't anything else riveting on...I will probably watch it again.  Why?  I only wish I new.  I guess maybe I need to read the book. 
  • I am planning a trip to France this summer.  The whole international cell phone issue annoys me.  I have an iPhone 4. I was falsely lead to believe that an iPhone is amazing and can do anything.  However, this is just not so because it will not work in France apparently.  Neither will any of the kids Blackberries.  What the FLIP?  I have the option of renting an international ready phone and paying ridiculous rates per minute and for each text, and then adding in an additional fee for data.  Ahhhh, seriously?!  I am a pretty connected person.  How can our wonderful technology suck so bad as soon as I leave the country?  Let's just say that service is far from being global.
  • I have this giant chick Easter decoration.  I mean the chick is giant...he's like 2 feet tall. He has big chick feet and I think a cracked in half egg shell for pants and he is yellow and furry.  He is definitely scary!  (He's way too creepy for the front room. And beside the dog barks at him.)  So this year I decided I would put him outside by the front door.   So I did.  Then it snowed some more!  Now it is a creepy snow covered chick.  I apologize to anyone, with small children, who may visit my home.  Creepy chick is standing guard at the front door....BEWARE!  Nothing says welcome spring or celebates the resurrection of Christ as a giant snow covered chick! 


  1. LOL - giant creepy chick, re-verginating*, the same guy killed Lincoln, smaller rolls of toilet paper. I hate trying to figure out what size is the best bargain.

    * spell check wanted to change that to "vergin sting"

  2. I'm going to figure this phone thing out for you! You have Verizon?