Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ugh! Powder Mold!

Yesterday I was out in the garden and I noticed IT on the squash leaves.  They were beginning  to turn a slight grayish color.  It could be shadows. Right? Right! I was in denial. Then today it was was spreading even more and some leaves where almost completely discolored.  The dreaded powder mold was back.  I had it last year and thought I solved the problem.

Powder mold is a fungus that occurs from too much moisture and not enough air flow.  So last year I dropped a couple of trees  (Well, I had my people drop them. Same thing!) and I only watered in the morning for a short time.  Or at least I usually did, but a few days ago a certain person was supposed to stop over after he went to the post office and shut off the sprinkler.  But he forgot and didn't stop until 2pm.  I believe his carelessness could have caused serious garden ramifications....FUNGUS! His absentmindedness coupled with the recent rain, infected my poor garden.  Only I could get moisture related garden mold while the rest of the state is experiencing a drought! (And about that absentminded guy on his way to the post office.  I will give him another chance.  Probably several more chances to redeem himself.  Because actually, he is the most awesome helper Dad ever.  Even if he did almost kill my garden.)

Anyway, it seems that the cure for this problem is apparently more least initially.  You mix a Tablespoon of Murphy's Oil Soap, A Tablespoon of baking soda and a gallon of water in your garden sprayer and then spray your plants.  The Internet directions said to spray the tops and bottoms of all the leaves.  I thought I can do that.  Sounds easy!  Then I read on and it said it is best to do this at night.  Seriously?!  I really think someone is just messing with me on that one.  But I mixed up the recipe in the sprayer, grabbed the flashlight and headed out to the garden.  And I began spraying.  I learned a few things while spraying:
  • I hate mold.  All kinds of mold.  I hate it when it coats your cheese.  I hate it when it gets on your bread.  I hate it when you find it in the leftovers you almost just finished eating and I especially hate it in my garden.
  • You have a lot of time to think while you are alone in the garden, in the dark, by yourself.
  • There are more mosquitoes out when you have both hands full.
  • Nobody needs 4 zucchini plants & 4 yellow squash plants...not even the Duggars...what was I thinking?
  • My cat has a sick sense of humor. I swear I heard the cat laugh when it brushed up against me and I jumped a mile.
  • You can't walk between pumpkin plants in August.  There is seriously no place to step.
  • Gardening is the dark is not fun.
  • Pajamas are not the best gardening attire.


  1. I've missed your blog posts.

  2. And an update on the Powder Mold...
    The solution remedy I tried did absolutely nothing. I highly recommend prevention. Be sure your garden is in a spot where it is well ventilated and good air flow and water from beneath...soaker hoses etc.