Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to Back Senior Years

It seems like I have long waited for my girls to reach so many milestone:  to crawl, walk, talk, start school, drive, be on varsity sports.  But now as K enters her senior year it seems as if it has all has happened so fast.  Just where did those last 17 years goes?

This year K is looking forward to a great senior year, including varsity sports, senior trip, graduation, and a family trip to Europe.  I am so excited for her and for us.  But as I type I can't help but tear up.  I look back on all the great memories we made as she was growing up.  I remember her hiding under the bed so she wouldn't have to go to preschool and wrapping herself up in the seat belt, making it nearly impossible to get her out of the car and into the school.  I remember her crying at the dinner table when I asked her if anyone at school got in trouble today.  And she blurted out "I forgot to move my job stick and had to sit in time out."  (Note - this was in kindergarten and was the last time she got in trouble at school.) I remember her driving her best bud's little power wheels Jeep into our satellite dish.  I remember her tearing up when she had to go off to 6th grade camp. I remember her telling her friend's mom that she couldn't spend the night at the lake because she had an early dentist appointment the next morning.  (Note - that one doesn't work very well for Friday night sleepovers.) I remember her playing basketball in the driveway for hours with the old neighborhood kids.  I remember walking through the mall as she kept trying to stuff the nasty flavored Jelly Bellies in my month. I remember just about every sporting event I ever went to to watch her play and the excitement I felt as I cheered for her.  I know that her senior year will go by even faster than all of the other years.  But I look forward to every single memory and moment of this upcoming year.

I am anxious to find out what college she will go to and learn what the future holds for her.  I am not looking forward to the miles that will between her and I as, K has grown into one of my best friends.  I have decided to celebrate every moment and memory of the upcoming year with her and the whole family, instead of being teary eyed. However, she, along with her sisters and brother, will probably get more hugs this year than ever before.  My family is growing up and next year I will face yet another best friend as a senior, as H gets ready to graduate. 

I used to joke that we had H so that K would have someone to sleep in her room with her.  At first K wasn't crazy about the arrival of H.  She did wrap her in up in so many blankets,  that we suspected suffocation attempts.  Babies really don't get THAT chilly in May.  But once K warmed up to her and realized they were stuck with each other.  They were best friends and have been ever since.  H will probably miss K as much as I will.

So as I get ready to reluctantly push two birds out of the nest I think I should set some ground rules.

Rules and Reminders for leaving home:
  •  Attend a college in Michigan that is 3 hours or less away by car
  • Call frequently and update your mom on every aspect of your life
  • Attend church every Sunday!  I personally plan on going to heaven and I would like to see you there.
  • Drinking in college is over rated.
  • Be comfortable with who you are.
  • Stay healthy and active - the freshman forty can be quite nasty!
  • Do your best at everything you attempt
  • Be happy...if you are not what you need to do to get happy
  • Don't open a credit card account - if you don't have the money....don't buy it!
  • You can always come home

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