Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Fall Football Season EVER

This is the first season of football for our family.  As a household with 4 women and G, we don't have much of a history with or a knowledge of football. But we are a family of sports enthusiasts. So we eagerly jumped right into football when G decided he wanted to play.  There are several funny but way too embarrassing stories preceding this one.  G would kill me if I shared them.  So we totally not talk about the pre-season which involved girdle shopping and cup selection.  We will skip right to the actual season or the start of practices, as his much anticipated first game is not until September 9th.

G has been practicing a little more than a week.  We have lived through his several annoying comments about how much harder football is than anything we have ever done....like volleyball practice, basketball practice, running a marathon, having a full time job and 4 kids....blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....you get the picture.  Football is the hardest thing EVER and G is the toughest kid EVER because he is doing it. Anyway, we are on to week 2 of football the hardest thing EVER and he is sort of settling in and mellowing out.  As much as G mellows out.

Then comes yesterday....equipment distribution day.  This day was eagerly welcomed by G.  Cuz you get all your equipment and then you are officially cool.  We waited in line at the field because 5th graders go last.  The anticipation was killing all of the little guys as the big kids walked by with their equipment.  Finally it is G's turn.  The football folks have this super organized.  Each piece of equipment is at a different station and after you check in, make sure all your paperwork is turned in and sign up to work at the home game, then you go to each station, where you are given the proper fitting size equipment.  It was actually running quite smoothly.  I will skip over all the stations that we had little or no problem with. We had a bit of an issue at pants....long legs and skinny body makes it hard to get pants that fit right and hold all your hardware...but they hooked him up with something reasonable.  Shoulder pads....a bit of issue.  Apparently most football players have huge shoulders.  Hmmm! Not G.  But he got the last pair of the smallest pads which he then left at the field and are now back in the storage shed.   And we will have to do shoulder pads yet again. But that'll all work out eventually.  The biggest issue as it turns out was his helmet.

After spending the last week telling us how hard football was and that he was still doing it despite the shear agony...insinuating that he is quite amazing...you would think that the boy has gotten a huge head.  Well, it turns out that he doesn't.  In fact he has a little tiny head.  So tiny that the extra small helmet is even too big.  If you look at the picture above, G is the only one without a helmet.  They have to order a littler one for him.  Yup the little tiny kid in the white shirt actually has a bigger head than G.  Hard to believe but true.  In fact all of the kids on his team have bigger heads than G.  Who would have thunk!  Anyway, he is the only kid without a helmet, as they work on ordering his.  If his head didn't feel tiny before, I am sure it does now in comparison to all the helmet heads he is running around with.  A few of the kids asked why he didn't have a helmet and G tactfully replied, "ahhh they don't have my size".  Good answer.  But I am afraid his family knows the real story and we have been unmercifully teasing poor G. 

Anyway, he will eventually get all of his equipment and will surely be quite amazing.  We are hearing that he may be a good running back.  I guess little skinny guys with tiny heads can run quite fast.  We have asked around and have learned that that is the guy who they give the ball to on offense and then you run like heck.  Unfortunately it is also the guy that everyone is wanting to tackle.  We haven't told G that part yet.  We have ordered our official "Oilers" sweatshirts, cuz G told us we would need to wear those to his games, and are looking forward to learning a lot more about football and watching G's first season as a football star.

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