Friday, March 25, 2011


Well we have had our new puppy, Maggie for a couple of months now.  She seems to be working out quite well, which is amazing if you consider our past history with dogs.  There was Harley, the beagle / sheepdog...don't ask.  Gilbert, the dog who liked to eat Gavin.  One of them had to go.  The girls voted for Gavin, leaving that is.  Nice sisters!  Good thing I had the deciding vote.  Buffy, the vanishing and reappearing dog.  She was gone for like 3 months one winter, only to show back up all bald and crazy.  Or was it really Buffy???  There is a convincing argument that she was an impostor.  Then we had Oscar.  A crazy little dog who liked to feed on the neighbor boy and last but not least Fred, the shelter dog.  He was apparently abused and never house broke, and like to runs....all the time, everywhere!  So yes, the track record on dogs is pretty discouraging.  However, Maggie appears to be a winner.

Maggie, is an almost 4 months old Yorkie.  She weighs about 3 pounds and is super cute. So far we have seen no crazy tendencies.  She has some potty training issues...but she is still a baby.  She absolutely loves our two cats.  The feelings are unfortunately not mutual.  (Cats are a whole other story...a possible future blog.)

So I think Maggie is gonna work out.  Gavin would really like to change her name to Kevin.  But I think we will stick with Maggie.
Yes, this photo makes her look freakishly long and skinny like a weiner dog.  Must be a weird camera angle...she has normal proportions.


  1. I think you might have a keeper with Maggie, but knowing another Yorkie those potty issues might stay with her forever.

  2. She seems to be a guys do not have a good track record with dogs.

  3. Hopefully Maggie turns into a Baxter and not a Buddy with that peeing issue. She is cute and much more suited to Maggie than Kevin.

    P.S. Glad you decided to keep Gavin. He is pretty darn cute too!

  4. She looks so cute! I really liked Gilbert too! That was one cute dog.