Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friday Phone Dump....ahhh on Wednesday

I decided to take a look through my iPhone pics and see if I had anything of interest.  Here's what I came up with.

 Ellen went to her first high school dance.....and with a boy!  I can remember my mother telling me to stand up straight when I was a kid.  It was really really REALLY annoying!  She used to tell me I stood like a jelly bean.  It took all of my self control not to tell Ellen to stand up straight.  But I did not.  (Well at least not when I took this picture.  It did happen later though.  Heck I can't not mention it forever...I don't have that much self control.)  Dear Ellen,  I am so sorry that you inherited the Jelly Bean stand :0(,  Love, Mom

Hailey also went to the Homecoming dance.  She was annoyed that Katelyn, Gavin and had big plans to make donuts (see below), watch Hocus Pocus (a Halloween classic), carve pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds while she and Ellen were gone.  I wasn't aware of the rule of us not being able to do fun stuff in their absence.  We did it anyway.  Not only are real party animals but we are also!

While Hailey and Ellen where at the dance Katelyn and Gavin and I made homemade apple cider donuts.  And they were easy and amazing!

My Grandma who is 95 years old asked K if she wanted her own Raggedy Ann doll that she had made.  Of course K said yes.  Who wouldn't want a handmade doll from their Great Grandma?  But it got me thinking that she had made the girls one when they were little and that she had also made me a set.  So I sent G on a mission to find them.  When I came home a few hours later this is what I found.  They are adorable....yet mildy creepy!  (The tiny ones on the right are over 35 years old and the tiny"ginger" one...he is the scariest!)

My cousin does amazing Bento box lunches for her son.  And I have looked for Bento lunch ideas on line and have found some great ones.  I have like a whole board on Pinterest for lunch box ideas.  Yet when I do them....this is about how creative I can get.  Some day I will get the little sandwich presses and make their sandwiches look like popular cartoon characters, I will wrap their meat and cheese to look like cute little sushi and I will put tiny silicone cups full or assorted goodies in each section.   Ahhhhh....who am I kidding!  That is never gonna happen....with our schedule it is quite amazing if I even make them lunch.  usually it's grab a hot pocket from the freezer on your way out the door.  I have some amazing talents... Bento lunches do not appear to be one of them.

We have started "Booing" in our neighborhood.  This is where you leave a sack full of Halloween goodies on someone's doorstep...ring the doorbell and run.  Then the recipient is supposed to pay it forward by continuing the fun.  Much to the kids dismay we have not been "Boo-ed" back as of yet.  This is a great lesson in giving and not expecting anything in return!  We are looking forward to the Christmas version of "Elfing" our neighbors!

I do a ton of tie dye projects at work... and its soooo messy.  So I tried this new way to tie dye with acrylic paint, water and fabric medium.  And I love it.  It is sooooo easy and not messy.  No pre-saoking, no rinsing and the colors are so vivid!

I always feel like a fat kid when I post pictures of food or our dinners on Facebook.  What is it with everyone wanting to show the world what they had for dinner? But here is my dinner from the American Legion last week.  After taking this picture, which did appear on fB, I found gravy on my keyboard at work..... I am definitely having a fat kid kinda week!

 Yes its October and raining.  If you were is not warm is quite balmy.  But apparently a perfect day for a bounce on the trampoline.  (I am not a horrible was not lightening or thundering!  That would have been a deal breaker.  Hmmm! Maybe this is where that sore throat came from! But wait you can't catch a virus from being cold or wet.  Or so I have heard.  But that could be one of those urban legends too...who knows?)

Ahhh yup that is box a poop...leftover from "Laugh it Up at the Library".  I will just let you wonder why I have a picture of it on my phone!

Gavin fell asleep on the couch and I just had to snap a picture.....cuz it looks like he has no arms.  He really does have arms but you wouldn't know it from this.

Well that's what has been hanging around in my phone pictures from the last few weeks.  What have you been up to?

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